Nike RCK Potassium Ascorbate with D_Ribose

Reinforces the immunological response of the body to the attacks of external factors. Also helps against cancer.


  • Removes toxins and bacteria from the cells.
  • Protects against cell degeneration and mutation.
  • Promote the restoration and creation of new, healthy cells.


  • Eliminates the effects of stress and environmental toxins.
  • The cell would be filled up with oxygen, potassium and other nutrients.
  • Promotes and raise the formation of cellular ATP energy.


  • Acts as a powerful antioxidant.
  • Promote proper immune function.
  • Primary care for the healthy functioning of all body processes.

Nike RCK Potassium Ascorbate with D-Ribose

Nike RCK Potassium Ascorbate with D-Ribose In every living being basic metabolic processes occur on two cellular levels, chemical and physical. Through the process of reversible bonds, which have an affect on oxide reduction, the correct cellular operation is controlled by four minerals: sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium. In general, potassium is considered to be the leading mineral of intracellular metabolic process, while a healthy body is characterised by a proper potassium and sodium ratio. The ascorbic acid, which itself is a very strong antioxidant, acts as a conveyor of potassium. The fact is that the lack of this balance poses a threat to human degenerative processes, which as a logical consequence results with the imbalance of other minerals. Ribose plays a very important role in cellular metabolism and is a basic building block of both ribonucleic acid (RNA), and adenosine (a basic compound for the production of ATP). When taken orally, ribose is metabolized without interfering in the very process of glycolysis (basic regulation of metabolic pathways).

Prevention Potassium ascorbate with ribose plays a role in rebalancing work of those mechanisms, which are at the beginning of a degenerative process, as well as in reinforcing the immunological response of the body to the attacks of external factors. The presence of ribose with potentially catalytic activity the efficiency only increases. The importance of proper prevention should be taken into account - the effectiveness of using potassium ascorbate with ribose might be investigated by appropriate epidemiological studies. This compound has no time limit due to the lack of side effects and toxity – you may take it as long as you like (except in the case of allergie to vitamin C).

Researches Researches on Potassium ascorbate with D-Ribose were conducted by the ''International Foundation Valse Pantellini'', together with the 'Departement of public health' at the University of Parma, 'Departement of pediatrics, obstetrics and medicine' at the University of Siena and with the 'Departement of anatomy' at the University of Malta. Obtained results and achievements were presented at the international conference on april 2006, at the headquarters of the Foundation in Oviedo, Spain. The nontoxic and antioxidant characteristics of this compound were demonstrated in years 2000-2001, with a joint work of the Foundation and staff of the 'Institute for mutagenesis' at the International Research Center of Pisa. In the framework of the International Conference NPA in June 2003, the Foundation was invited to present their achievements at the University of Connecticut.

What is Potassium Ascorbate and how to take it? Potassium Ascorbate with ribose is from ascorbic acid obtained salt, which is easily soluble in water and combined with L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), D-ribose and potassium bicarbonate in the purest cristallized form. Duly dosed component parts must be protected from humidity and light, due to the fact that they are hygroscopic and photosensitive (especially ascorbic acid). Furthermore, both ascorbic acid and ribose must be kept seperate from potassium ascorbate. The compound of potassium ascorbate with ribose is obtained when each single components are dissolved in 20 ml of water. In order to avoid any possible forms of oxidation, it is recommended not to use metal spoons. As a preventive medicine this compound may be taken every day in the morning on an empty stomach (10-15 min before breakfast), or 45 min before the main meal, on an empty stomach as a rule.

About product

Nike RCK Potassium Ascorbate with D-Ribose

Typology of the product This product has been notified by the National departement of health, registered under number 111, 1992/01/27.

Content Each dose consists of two packages, the first one contains 150mg of L-ascorbic acid and 3mg of D-ribose and the second one 300mg of potassium bicarbonate.

Posology One package of L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and one package of potassium bicarbonate dissolved in 20 ml of water. Dose is taken once daily in the morning on an empty stomach, or as directed by the doctor.

Indications This compound has a strong antioxidant power, which is especially developed due to the presence of potassium ascorbate. It is recommended in lack or poor quality of ascorbic acid or ribose, as well as in all forms of physical and mental stress. Assimilation with ascorbic acid, which also has a very strong antioxidant role, helps to fight and prevent all processes of cell degeneration, which is clearly demonstrated in the medical documentations. Ribose as the core of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), is able to increase the energy reserves of the human body in a way that at the same time it promotes and facilitates the process itself and/ or, in case of an energy deficit, allows quick recovery. The primary role of ribose in this product is its participation in the process of catalysis- as a catalyst it speeds up the transportation of potassium into the cellular cytoplasm.

Nutritional table
Nutrition factsper 100 gper 1 serving
Energy2,64 kcal
11,22 kj
0,012 kcal
0,051 kj
Proteins (nx6,5)absentabsent
Carbohydrates (D-ribose)660 mg3 mg
L-ascorbic acid33 gr150,0 mg GDA 83%
Potassium26 gr117,3 mg GDA 4%


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Box, 100 doses: 49,50 EUR

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